Types of Treatment


>  Cataract surgery

Eastern Laser Vision offers cataract surgery using topical anaesthesia (without injections) and small incision surgery. This makes the procedure as gentle as possible for the eye, allowing rapid recovery and optimum visual results. Click here for more information

>  Eye surface procedures

We offer procedures to remove abnormalities of the surface of the eye, such as pterygium, where abnormal tissue grows toward the pupil and can interfere with vision.

>Treatment of dry eye and eyelid infllammation

Many people suffer from irritable eyes, usually due to blepharitis (eyelid inflammation) and dry eye. Fortunately there are effective treatments available to treat these troubesome problems.

> YAG laser

YAG laser treatment is used to treat a number of problems, such as visual deterioration after cataract surgery caused by clouding of the capsule behind the lens implant.